Brenda Bell

Producing Artistic Director & Founder

When I was a child, I could often be found sitting on the roof, either reading a book or writing one.  I loved stories!  I loved to watch the story unfold in my mind.  That is where I learned what a wonderful tool our imagination can be if we let it soar. 

As I grew older, I discovered dance.  I was fascinated how our bodies also had the ability to tell a story and to express our emotions and all the wonderful things carefully locked in our souls – especially when music was playing.

My connection to dance and music brought me to the stage and I quickly fell in love with theatre as it was the ultimate use of my imagination and storytelling. I started as a performer, but I was fascinated with every aspect of the production, from the start of an idea to the finished production.  As a child I would organize shows with my friends.  When there was no drama club or dance company in my school, I formed my own.  I guess I was becoming a producer and I didn’t know it.

After many years of learning the business of being a theatermaker, I decided to start Literally Alive Family Theatre.  Literally Alive allowed me to bring together all the things that made my heart soar – books, dance, music, theatre and children.  I have such a deep connection to classic literature and exploring the world behind the words, filling in the life of the characters while being respectful to the original author’s intentions, has become my style.  Together with my writing partner Michael Sgouros, we have written 12 Off-Broadway musicals that tell the story behind the story of a tale we thought we knew.

In 2008, Michael Sgouros and I began our musical journey together.  Our first production was The Selfish Giant when Michael saved the day by stepping in as a last-minute replacement for the composer.  Things went so well, and we enjoyed creating together so much, that the Sgouros & Bell writing team was formed, and we have been creating musicals together ever since.

As we enter our third decade, I look forward to meeting all the families looking for an exciting theatrical experience at our theatre.

Please feel free to contact me at any time – my email is: [email protected]