Good Eats!

Grab a Bite!

Arriving early to the area or like the idea of staying out late? There are some great places to grab a bite or a drink beforehand or afterwards! We recommend these places:

Olive Tree Cafe: So close to the theatre  you’re there already! Located right next door to the Players Theatre at 117 MacDougal St, this hidden gem serves terrific American and Middle Eastern food  at reasonable prices (we recommend the hummus plate!)

Denino’s Greenwich Village: Right down the street from the Players Theatre at 93 MacDougal St. Delicious thin-crust pizzas definitely big enough for a crowd, Denino’s has a variety of toppings at moderate prices. 

La Lanterna di VittorioHow about some Italian food before or after the show? La Lanterna di Vittorio has about everything you could want, from gorgeous lasagnas to cheese or meat platters to pizzas, not to mention an extensive menu of beer wine and liquors. The food world is your oyster at La Laterna!

CubaVisit Cuba without leaving the village! Nestled on Thompson Street only two very short blocks down, Cuba has Cuban, Latin and Spanish dishes to transform your palate. They also have brunch from 12pm-4pm on Sundays, so you can fill your belly with the best before our 3pm Sunday show!

If we can help you with anything, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]. We’ll see you at the show!